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Nurses can prevent child malnutrition which affects almost 1 in 5 children in Nicaragua. Nurses can also improve maternal health, run immunization campaigns, and screen for serious diseases like tuberculosis and malaria which are more common than they should be in Nicaragua.



Due to COVID-19, our Nursing Student Sponsorship Program will be postponed to start in 2021. While it was a difficult decision, the pandemic has caused ongoing changes and challenges.


Although the Nursing Student Sponsorship Program will be postponed this year, we continue to support our current medical students during this difficult time. Your support and donations to our charity are greatly appreciated, and we will keep you posted when this program will start again!

Why are we sponsoring

a nursing student?

The Nursing Student Sponsorship Program provides financial support to nursing students from low-income rural families whose education would be at risk without this support.

It's not just about the nursing student:

The nurse that receives support will go on to improve healthcare in their community for many years to come. Support doesn’t stop at graduation. We support nurses throughout their careers, fostering community outreach, ongoing medical research and professional development.

By supporting this nurse, we are elevating them and their families from a cycle of poverty and equipping them for success in community leadership roles. Even while the nurse is in school, DFD/NFN supports their community projects in public health, nutrition, sexual health and education, as well as standard nursing practice.

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How You Can Help


Sponsor A nurse

If you commit to sponsoring a nurse’s education, you can develop a relationship throughout the duration of their program. You will have the opportunity to communicate by exchanging letters, or you can even meet this nurse if you wish to visit Nicaragua with us.


Donate Monthly

You will be able to follow their story and receive updates on their education journey. Your monthly donation will improve access to healthcare for rural populations.


Donate Now

A one time gift to Nurses for Nurses will provide nursing students with the tools they need to succeed. Take action to improve healthcare in Nicaragua. To donate and receive a tax receipt, click below.

How much does it cost to sponsor a nurse in Nicaragua?

A sponsorship costs approximately $2,400 annually. The sponsored student will receive financial aid to cover all that is required for a student to have advanced training for a year. This includes university fees, accommodation, textbooks, school supplies, transportation and a stipend for food.

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What makes a student eligible for financial support:

  • Academic qualifications

  • Commitment to serve in an underserved area upon graduation 

  • Interest in nursing 

  • Healthcare volunteer experience

  • Financial need.

How your support can benefit a nursing student:

 The nursing student will receive financial support in university fees, board, transportation, exam fees, supplies, clinical rotations, and infrastructure, administrative costs such as bookkeeping, auditing, and funds transfer fees.

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