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Welcome to Nurses for Nurses

What we Do

Nicaraguans struggle with a lack of access to basic healthcare. It is our mission for all Nicaraguans to have access to essential medical services. We provide access to resources and education that will improve the lives of rural Nicaraguans.


Who We Are

The Nurses for Nurses team is a group of nurse volunteers that are passionate about health and well-being, international development, and capacity building. Some of our nurse volunteers have had the opportunity to visit Nicaragua over the years, meet with our contacts, experience their clinics and gain a better understanding of their health care system.

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Additional Resources

Nurses for Nurses does not participate in medical work overseas. Should you wish to travel and work as a Nurse please visit the following sites to see if one might be a fit for you:


1 - CUSO:


2 - Global Medic:


3 - Canadian Nurses of Ontario (less international but amazing links none-the-less):

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