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Cost Breakdown for Jimena's Medical Education


Why did we choose to support Jimena? 

Through our application process based on financial need, grades, and leadership abilities; Jimena has exceeded all of our expectations. She has been chosen by our local partners, by our previous students, and by us at Doctors for Doctors to be our next amazing medical student.  We are so excited to introduce you to her and why she deserves this great opportunity. 


We will fund her education through the 2022 Campaign with an ultimate goal of $20,000 CAD

More about Jimena

She lives in a small community that is a 15-minute walk from the nearest small town - San Juan del Sur. 

When Jimena was in high school she spent her free time volunteering with optometrists in her community to support rural healthcare.

She was accepted to the most competitive medical school in Nicaragua, proving that she's one of Nicaragua's top students! We are very happy to support Jimena. She begins school on March 1st for the year and finishes in mid- December.


Jimena is the fourth medical student that Doctors for Doctors has chosen to sponsor. Because of our experience over the last 12 years in Nicaragua, we can accurately project what students will need based on what schools they go to, where they live in Nicaragua, and what types of medical outreaches they are providing for their communities. This scholarship is a very well-thought-out program that has been developed for over a decade.

This is the budget for her 2022 year, which is her 3rd year of medical schooling. She has 5 more years in total to be funded for.


Tuition - $25 CAD annually

Jimena’s acceptance into this top school in Nicaragua means that tuition is paid for by the government. The only fee is a $25 CAD fee for administration annually. This will be covered in her scholarship from Doctors for Doctors. The bulk of her scholarship funding does not go towards tuition but towards living expenses and other essential school expenses. Without which, Jimena’s education would be interrupted and take much longer.


Transportation - $512 CAD annually
Jimena’s scholarship will also include transportation costs. Taking the public bus to school daily and to her home weekly will cost $512 CAD for the year. We see it as essential for her to take frequent visits home because it keeps her connected with her family and community. This is an essential part of Jimena’s education because we share her goals of acting as the go-to doctor for her community as much as possible. We have learned through supporting past students that even during the schooling portion of a young leaders’ journey, they can contribute to the health of their communities immensely by providing education and check-ups with other doctors. 


School Supplies - $403 CAD annually
Books, medical gear, and safety equipment are essential for any healthcare professional to learn and practice the skills of their trade. We will cover the $403 CAD annually to ensure Jimena has everything she needs to learn without obstruction. We want her to be the best possible doctor she can be and this fee is essential in making sure she has everything she needs to learn.


Food and Rent - $365 CAD  $907 CAD annually
We cover the baseline grocery expenses for Jimena ($365 CAD) and we also cover $907 CAD for her rent annually so she can live close to school. Jimena lives with other students in her same program and enjoys studying with her roommates frequently. They help each other stay focused when studying into the long hours of the night!

The next category of fees are in support of Jimena’s medical outreach activities and wellbeing. 


Medical Outreach Budget - $267 CAD annually

We will fundraise $267 CAD to give support to Jimena’s projects in rural communities. We will be there for Jimena when she needs financial support while helping her community: a great example of this was the recent Diabetes Day, where she and other medical students checked blood pressure and blood sugar levels and offered any follow up required to patients with diabetes in her surrounding communities. Jimena will continue to be engaged in projects like this throughout her education and Doctors for Doctors will support her.


Emergency Budget - $267 CAD annually
An emergency fund is an essential part of Jimena’s continual education. Simply put, things don’t always go as planned when supporting a medical student in Nicaragua. Having a small buffer will allow us to make sure that she is healthy and making all of her school payments no matter what. We typically haven’t fundraised for this ahead of time in the past, leading to a campaign in the middle of the year to make sure our students’ needs are met. This year and moving forwards we want to do it ahead of time to ‘prepare for the unexpected’.  Examples of things that have happened in the past that have required more money being sent to our students are: currency fluctuations in USD and CAD, extenuating circumstances which have increased the length of the school year, COVID-19 required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as well as costs unexpectedly rising in housing or food or transportation in Nicaragua. We will be prepared this year and beyond for these unexpected expenses. 


Payment to our Local Partners in Nicaragua - $454 CAD annually
In Canada, Doctors for Doctors is 100% volunteer-based and has one part-time paid contractor in Nicaragua to run our essentials on the ground. We count on the support of our incredible local partners to support our students. For the vital work they do, we pay our local partners $454 CAD per year. We know this is money very well spent to ensure Jimena’s success. While Jimena is in school focusing on medicine, our local partners are working in the background to make connections for her, making sure all the numbers add up month to month and ensuring Jimena’s needs are met. Our partners also check in with Jimena and her family personally to ensure that she is feeling emotionally supported during the very trying time of going to medical school away from home. Doctors for Doctors has kept the same local partners for over 10 years and we have visited Nicaragua to meet with them many times. We have full trust and are so grateful for their work. 

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